Hello! My name is Maxime Lebled (on the internet, people know me as "MaxOfS2D") — but just call me Max. I'm all about cool 3D things — but mostly animating them — experimenting with stuff, learning new things, and posting about it online.

I have worked at Facepunch Studios Ltd. on Rust and Garry's Mod, then on the indie retro shooter Wrack, and am currently working on the System Shock 1 remake at Night Dive Studios. I've also contributed cosmetic items to Valve games through the Steam Workshop.

There's a list of my social media / website profiles further below this page.


Last updated on June 1st, 2016. Hey, look! Buttons!

facebook page one of the places where i post various animations and news about what I'm doing.
twitter feed my twitter account. it's a pretty good way to keep up to date.
youtube my main youtube channel. this is where i post (almost only) animation videos.

blog a rarely-updated blog where i post articles that didn't take less than 5mn to write.
portfolio this is my online portfolio, currently still in barebones form, but that's okay.
source a repository for source files of my work (mostly pertaining to the source engine).
workshop the list of accepted steam workshop items i've been involved in, and how to get them.

dotabuff when i don't contribute to dota's steam workshop, i play the game. a lot.
google+ (profile) i only have a profile on google+ because it's required for google services.
google+ (page) this is the google+ page that i was forced to create as a youtube user.
last.fm charts of music i'm listening to, what i've listened to, which tracks i love.
linkedin online resumé, where i've worked, what i've worked on, recommendations, etc.
soundcloud where i (re)post some of the silly audio things (mashups, readings) i've made.
steam my steam community profile (check out all these cool items i have).
tf2tip team fortress 2 texture improvement project by nassimo & blaholtzen.
tumblr i reblog cool art, interesting posts, but mainly lots of silly absurd humor.
twitch.tv livestreaming video games, or work related to video games. player below.
vine.co a feed of six second looping videos in terrible hardware-encoded quality.
youtube alt my other youtube channel. a place for all the other kinds of videos.

World Community Grid is one of the largest public computing grids. I'm gonna take a wild guess, and assume that if you're visiting this website, you might have a powerful gaming computer and a smartphone. You can use their idle CPU time to benefit research against cancer, disease, and other various projects. I encourage you to installing the BOINC client on your machine, and configure it to let it run when you're not using it. You can also do the same for your Android smartphone (by default, computations only take place when it's above 90% battery while plugged in).

If you wish to register using my referral link, here it is. It doesn't really matter, though; all I'd get is a badge for bragging rights, and it's already cool if I got you to contribute at all!