Hello! My name is Maxime Lebled (online, people have also known me as "MaxOfS2D") — but call me Max!

I'm all about cool 3D-related things, but mostly animating them. I love to experiment with stuff, learning new things, and posting about it online.

Among other occupations, I have worked at Facepunch Studios Ltd. on Rust and Garry's Mod, on the indie retro shooter Wrack, and on two alpha iterations of the System Shock 1 remake at Nightdive Studios. I've also contributed many cosmetic items to Valve games.


The latest-ish news (August 2019)

For a few months, I was working for Valve; I made the trailer for one of the two new Dota heroes of this year, Void Spirit.

I also made improvements to the augmented reality system used at The International Dota 2 Championships, which I managed live in Shanghai, China.

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World Community Grid is one of the largest public computing grids. Here's the thing: you might have a powerful gaming computer and a smartphone. You can use their idle CPU time to benefit research against cancer and other various projects. I have set my BOINC client to run work after 2 minutes of idle. (I also use APO-OK with a custom Windows power plan to cap my CPU frequency after 2 minutes of idle, which gets the optimal performance-per-watt ratio.)

BOINC also exists on Android. By default, computations only take place when plugged in, above 90% battery. I would not recommend running it on your smartphone; it's bound to generate a quite a bit of heat, which is bad for your battery's health. However, if you have recycled an old one into something else (e.g. a camera), it's a great way to also give it a second purpose.