Hello! I'm Maxime Lebled, and I'm a 3D animator & artist for video games! This is my personal homepage; you can find my portfolio over here.

I've done work for Valve, Nightdive Studios, Facepunch Studios Ltd. and other clients, mostly indie teams.

I've also written the French localization of two games: The Stanley Parable (2013) & another game (TBA).


The latest-ish news (December 2020)

Hello again to anyone coming here! I hope you're doing okay in spite of the pandemic.

It's been a while since my last (hasty) update on this page... back in August 2019! I don't have much to say that would really warrant a specific highlight... so here's a video of my up-to-date "highlight reel" instead.

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World Community Grid is one of the largest public computing grids. Here's the thing: you might have a powerful gaming computer and a smartphone. You can use their idle CPU time to benefit research against cancer and other various projects. I have set my BOINC client to run work after 2 minutes of idle. (I also use APO-OK with a custom Windows power plan to cap my CPU frequency after 2 minutes of idle, which gets the optimal performance-per-watt ratio.)

BOINC also exists on Android. By default, computations only take place when plugged in, above 90% battery. I would not recommend running it on your smartphone; it's bound to generate a quite a bit of heat, which is bad for your battery's health. However, if you have recycled an old one into something else (e.g. a camera), it's a great way to also give it a second purpose.