Hello! My name is Maxime Lebled (online, people have also known me as "MaxOfS2D") — but call me Max!

I'm all about cool 3D-related things, but mostly animating them. I love to experiment with stuff, learning new things, and posting about it online.

Among other occupations, I have worked at Facepunch Studios Ltd. on Rust and Garry's Mod, on the indie retro shooter Wrack, and on two alpha iterations of the System Shock 1 remake at Nightdive Studios. I've also contributed many cosmetic items to Valve games.


The latest-ish news (January 2019)

I'm happy to announce that I've had the opportunity to work on the latest episode of Valve's Dota 2 documentary series, True Sight, which follows professional players during the crucial moment of their careers.

I made two of the animated sequences:

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World Community Grid is one of the largest public computing grids. I'm gonna take a wild guess, and assume that if you're visiting this website, you might have a powerful gaming computer and a smartphone. You can use their idle CPU time to benefit research against cancer, disease, and other various projects. I encourage you to install the BOINC client on your machine, and configure it to let it run when you're not using it. And you could also do the same for your Android smartphone (by default, computations only take place when it's above 90% battery while plugged in).

If you wish to register using my referral link, here it is. It doesn't really matter, though; all I'd get is a badge for bragging rights, and it's already cool if I got you to contribute at all!